Benefits to Homeowners

We save you the time, effort and guesswork in finding the best contractor.

  • All contractors in our network are personally pre-screened by our owner using a stringent process of customer reference checks, a comprehensive interview, confirmation of licensing and insurance, and a check of their Better Business Bureau status.
  • You will receive extra special care and attention from our network contractors because they know they must perform to our high standards to remain in our network. There are no “bad eggs” in our network – we take our reputation seriously, just as our contractors do theirs.
  • Our goal is to be your “one-stop shopping” source for virtually any home project.
  • Our service gives peace of mind to seniors and others who may be at disadvantage dealing with dishonest contractors.
  • Our service is FREE to the homeowner!

We can promote personalized connections by operating as a locally based service. Plus, we go far beyond what nationally based informational homeowner services can offer who simply provide a resource from customer input if/when provided. When you consider that this customer input could be positively or negatively ”manipulated” by either the business or outside parties, you have one more reason to take comfort in knowing that the Homeowners Resource Network (HRN) offers access to only the best contractors and service providers in the area.

We take the homeowner referral business model to a whole new level. We provide our customers with access the finest craftsman in the area and unmatched customer service all at no cost to them. It truly is a win-win situation!

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