About Homeowners Resource Network

Homeowners Resource Network was brought to the marketplace to provide homeowners a trusted resource that they can count on time and again for their homeowner needs.

We bring 20 years of marketing and customer service experience to the table to provide not only a “one-stop shop resource” for our customers but also a trusted and reliable referral resource for our contractor members. Our partner operator in the Fort Wayne area (The Homeowner’s Helper) has been in business for years and never has had a contractor member voluntarily leave their network. When you have happy contractor-members that relates to happy homeowner-members!

We want everyone to be happy so if you should you decide to proceed on your own without the assistance of HRN you will find under the Homeowner Resources webpage an informative document (Tips and Tricks in Selecting Contractors) with guidelines and steps to assist homeowners in finding the best contractor. Good luck!